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2023 British Youth Championships

Emily Marais - U12 Girls Foil - Result: 37th

Ariana Marais - U14 Girls Foil - Result: 20th

Reuben Montgomery - U18 Boys Sabre - Result: 22nd

2022 Commonwealth Fencing Championships

  • Senior Men’s Epee Individual

    • Matthew David 36th

    • James Male 40th

    • Oliver Wade 45th

    • Paul Gregory 47th

    • Rowan Fitton 56th

  • Senior Women’s Epee Individual

    • Rebecca Mayle 34th

  • Senior Men’s Sabre Individual

    • Alexander Varley 17th

    • Alexander Le Maitre 22nd

    • Ben Mills 32nd

    • Joe Berry 46th

    • James Le Maitre 47th

  • Senior Men’s Epee Team

    • Matthew David, Rowan Fitton, James Male, Oliver Wade – 8th

  • Senior Men’s Sabre Team

    • James Le Maitre, Ben Mills, Alexander Varley – 9th

  • Junior Women’s Foil Individual

    • Amice Anderson 36th

  • Junior Men’s Epee Individual

    • William Montgomery 43rd

  • Junior Men’s Sabre Individual

    • Taliesin Salter 33rd

    • Reuben Montgomery 34th

    • Ben Mills 37th

    • Oakley Francart 39th

  • Junior Women’s Epee Individual

    • Fiona Fitton 38th

  • Veteran Men’s Epee Individual

    • Paul Gregory 41st

  • Junior Men’s Sabre Team

    • Taliesin Salter, Ben Mills, Reuben Montgomery, Oakley Francart – 8th

  • Veteran Men’s Foil Individual

    • Iain Clark 47th

  • Cadet Women’s Foil Individual

    • Amice Anderson 27th

  • Cadet Women’s Epee Individual

    • Fiona Fitton 19th

  • Cadet Men’s Sabre Individual

    • Reuben Montgomery 29th

    • Oakley Francart 31st


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2022 Guernsey Junior Competition

Boys' U12 Foil: Benjamin Ferguson (bronze); Alexander Demetriov (silver); Magnus Fitton (gold) (result in the final was 10-4)

Boys' U14 Foil: Alexander Demetriov (gold)

Boys' U16 Foil: David Wallis (gold)

Girls' U12 Foil: Elizabeth Wallis (gold)

Girls' U14 Foil: Amice Anderson (gold)

Girls' U16 Foil: Amice Anderson (gold)

Girls' U18 Foil: Amice Anderson (gold)

Boys' U12 Epee: Magnus Fitton (silver); Daniel Jamieson (gold) (result in the final 10-9)

Boys' U14 Epee: Liam Brehaul (silver); Harry Farncombe (gold) (result in the final 15-9)

Girls' U14 Epee: Shannon Marsh (gold)

Girls' U18 Epee: Fiona Fitton (gold)

Boys' U12 Sabre: Edouard Moerman (silver); Digby Cleal (gold) (result in the final 10-6)

Boys' U14 Sabre: Barney Fitzgerald (gold)

Boys' U16 Sabre: Thomas McColl (silver); Oakley Francart (gold) (result in the final 15-9)

Boys' U18 Sabre: Thomas McColl (silver); Oakley Francart (gold)

2022 British Youth Championships

Sunday 1 May 2022:

U14 Girls' Foil - Amice Anderson 18th

U14 Girls' Foil - Ariana Marais 44th

U16 Girls' Epee - Fiona Fitton 26th

Monday 2 May 2022:

U12 Boys' Foil - Alexander Demetriov 34th

U12 Boys' Foil - Magnus Fitton 52nd

U16 Boys' Sabre - Oakley Francart 25th

U16 Boys' Sabre - Thomas McColl 36th

2022 Public Schools Fencing Championships

Tuesday 15 March 2022:

U14 Girls' Foil - Ariana Marais (representing the Ladies' College) 28th

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