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Commonwealth Selection

Commonwealth Selection Policy

In order to make an application (available here) to be selected to represent the Guernsey team at the 2024 Junior and Cadet Commonwealth Games in Christchurch, New Zealand, during July 2024, you must:

  • Be affiliated with the GUE at the date of the application through to and including the date of the competition.

  • Have fenced previously in National Championships (like the BYCs) or in the Commonwealths.

  • Be actively fencing, which includes competing and training.

  • Have no outstanding debts with the GUE.

  • Undertake that you will adhere to the GUE’s Codes of Conduct

  • Complete the Application Form by the relevant date (This will be available in due course).

Commonwealth Selection Appeals

Any fencer who has not been selected for a Commonwealth event, and who wishes to appeal against such a decision, must notify the GUE in writing of his/her intention to lodge such an appeal within 7 days of the selections for the relevant event being published on the GUE LBG web site.

Appeals will only be considered on the basis of inaccuracy in facts used to make selection(s) for the relevant event, or on the basis that the Selection Committee has failed to take relevant facts into account in making its selection decisions.

The GUE will convene an Appeals Committee on the receipt of a Notice of Appeal. No appeal will be considered after 7 days of the selection being published.

The Appeals Committee shall consist of three GUE board members.

The Appeals Committee’s decision(s) will be final in all cases.

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